Rockland County Real Estate home selling tip

We’re coming to my favorite time of year. Summer! Its also the time of year homes without Central Air conditioning start putting in their window a/c units. If you are going to be selling your home this summer, leave the window units out of the front of the house. Consider side window for those hunks of junk.

Homes without central air sell for less than homes with Central AC. Homes also stay on the market longer when they don’t have AC. Over my 15 year career I have worked with many buyers that have told me no central air is a deal breaker.

Now with that said, we don’t want to hide the fact that the home doesn’t have central air. And we are not trying to trick anyone into thinking the home does does stay brisk even on those sweltering ninety degree days. BUT we want to prioritize the first impressions that the buyer will have on the home. The very first impression that a buyer has about a home are the pictures they see online. And the front of the exterior of the home is usually their very first aspect of a home they look at before they even read the description and the specs of the home. If the very first thing buyers see about your home is clunky out of date window units protruding from the front of the house, leaking water down your siding they are going to think differently about the home throughout the rest of their experience viewing your property. Putting your a/c units on the side or back window allows something more favorable about the home to be seen first. Think of a baseball lineup. Teams don’t put their worst hitters up first. They stick them down at the bottom of the lineup where by time they get to hit in the second or third inning the game may have already taken shape. And that’s what we want to do. We want to showcase your home’s positive aspects first. We want to build up some positivity to help combat some of the negatives your home might have.

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